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What is the Best Way to Market My Book?

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Strategies to Market Your Book

Recently, I was asked, “What is the Best Way to Market My Book?”  My answer was automatic, the moment you commit to writing a book. In today’s publishing world author’s are responsible for marketing their book. Jumpstart your marketing strategy by turning the phone on you. Begin with a series of short videos (45 seconds to 1 minute) using the following topics.

Quick Tips To Market Your Book

  1. Share your reason for writing the book
  2. Who the book is for
  3. Your insight on the subject

Consider these videos the first version and now you can refine your technique over time. The important thing is to get your content out there. I suggest you write your ideas out using the open, body, close formula. Then read your thoughts out loud, make any corrections. Finally, get in front of your camera, record, and upload to your favorite social media platform. Currently, Instagram allows 60-second videos and Twitter 2 minutes and 20-second video. While Facebook allows you a whopping 240 minute!

Build Your Following and Reader Base

Invite your followers on the author’s journey. Include images of your inspiration, your writing area. Talk to your followers about your writing process. Include your community along the way. Ask for opinions and advice. Next, ask your most vocal supporters to become part of your street team to amplify your book’s voice. If you’re writing a book right now start marketing it today.

About Me

In 1999 I launched Just In Time Training specializing in computer training for consumers. Fast forward a decade later in 2010, I joined San Diego Oasis to expand their program to include social media. Since then I have worked with the City of Carlsbad, American Society on Aging, San Diego Architectural Foundation, Architectural Concepts Inc., and San Diego Oasis on social media strategies and training. I am a proud member of the Publishers and Writers of San Diego, San Diego Press Club, and Social Media Marketing Society.


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