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Choose The Right Social Media Platform

In this session, we review your ideal customer and the various social media platforms. Next, we discuss the merits of each platform to grow your business.

Social Media Services

If you don’t have time to manage your social media presence. We are here for you. After all, we have spent time getting to know you. 


Social Media Strategy

We offer a free in-person 20-minute session. Bring your questions and let’s brew up a solution. This might be all you need.


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Do you have questions? Book a free 20-minute discovery session with Judi.

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Coaching & Consulting Session

In a 90-minute session, we focus on the topic of your choice. You get plenty of hands-on practice and coaching in this one on one session.

Discover Your Avatar

Avatar, persona, or ideal customer we help you identify the right customer for your product, service, or program.

Office Hours

Each week I offer “office hours” every other  Friday, between 9 – 11 AM.  This is a great way to get free mentoring and advice on social media. Just drop by my main office at Hera Hub Carlsbad. No appointment needed.

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Welcome to the Best Social Media Lounge! The Lounge is an agency with a collaborative approach to social media marketing for San Diego businesses and individuals in aging services. Founded by Judi Bonilla, Aging Expert we know the importance of connections and referrals in a market segment that relies on partnerships to support Olders aging in place.

How did we get our start? Opportunity knocked in 1999 when I bought a house in an older neighborhood. As I met my neighbors I learned several were having trouble using their computers. I jumped in and offered to help and Just In Time Training was launched.


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